How Solana Bird Designs came to be...

It all started 6 years ago at Christmas. I had asked for a hummingbird feeder from my parents. My father loves the hummingbirds. They live 600 miles north of me so I wanted a special reminder of my family & the home that I came from.

The hummingbird feeder that was given to me turns out to have inspired me.

With the first feeder I began to explore the idea of creating something very beautiful, a new design in glass. Hoping to share a very special gift that many would be proud to give. This gift would be one of a kind in that gives back everyday.

I found I always loved to watch those cute little birds &am; wanted to share a most beautiful experience of feeding the hummingbirds. There is something particularly sweet & relaxing, even meditative while you watch them. I'm constantly looking to follow their moves & see what colors are glowing or what they will do next.

Making the nectar is easy.
Designing a new way to hold the nectar proved itself to be a challenge. Finding the right glassblower was key. Once I did, it took over a year of drawings, & prototypes. Now it seems that we've found a new approach to art, through physics & science.

This gift will increasingly amaze those who appreciate life on a different scale.

With great effort, we ve worked for over 3years to proudly offer the most brilliant variations of design & color for you & your hummingbirds to share.

My directions (enclosed with each feeder) are the key & now you can relax with my easy tricks to keep them safe & beautiful outside your window. I personally test them & did the market research talking to hundreds of customers to find what make these work easily for you.

With that I would encourage you to...
Enjoy a new dimension of beauty in your life.

I am truly thankful to all of the many wonderful people that have encouraged me along the way & purchased the first of many eye-catching designs.

Quality in Workmanship Always Guaranteed

We invite you to join in as we anticipate the joy brought to all of us from this special gift.

May You Be Blessed As Well

Thank you, Nancy Lombard aka Solanabird

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